Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thomas the Train Cake

So I ended up making a simple chocolate cake for my birthday, I didn't even decorate it really. I just covered the cake in icing and chocolate ganache. I didn't have time to go all out.

My cousin called me last minute and she wanted a Thomas the Train cake for her son's 3rd birthday. Normally I would have said no since it was such short notice. But I felt bad, I'm such a wuss. I have a hard time saying no, especially to family. Her son is allergic to dairy and eggs so she needed a vegan cake. I knew if I didn't make the cake for him, he wasn't going to get any cake at his birthday party. And I couldn't let that happen.

I decided to try a new recipe I found here.

I wasn't able to taste the cake since I'm allergic to soy but my cousin said it was "Delicious!" :)

Anyway here's a picture of the cake.

It was vegan vanilla cake with guava fruit filling. I cut out Thomas with SCAL. I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge for the grass. For the lettering I used the FMM Funky Alphabet Tappits.

I think it came out cute, even though I didn't have that much time.