Monday, July 12, 2010

Viviana's Wedding Cake

Last month a really old friend of mine got married. I was really happy when she asked me to make her cake. I wasn't able to post a picture before, cause I'm a dork and I forgot my camera at home.

But I finally got a nice picture to show you guys.

It was a pretty easy design. She's such a vibrant person I was kinda surprised she wanted something so simple.

It's 6in, 9in, and 12in cake. The first two tiers are vanilla cake filled with buttercream. The last tier is also vanilla cake but its filled with dulce de leche.

It's covered in ivory fondant and airbrushed with some superpearl.


  1. Do you one long dowel, or two dowels. With the two, I mean right through the bottom 2 and one through the top 2 only?

    Do you mind sharing the recipe? I need a white cake too.

  2. When I'm using wood dowels I normally use a long skewer and hammer it in thru all the tiers. But I used plastic plates and dowels on this cake so I didn't need to do that.

    I'm going to make a blog entry soon about the recipes that I use.

  3. Love your blog:) Hope you stop by mine as well. I am actually having a giveaway right now:) For a preserves cricut cart:)

  4. You do such gorgeous work! This is so, so beautiful. :)