Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shark cake, Suitcase cake, and a minor freak out.

Hi Everyone

I haven't posted any new cakes in a while. My life has become crazy busy. I'm getting married in February so I've been planning and trying to come up with alot of creative ideas for my wedding. I'm also leaving to Europe in a week to visit my fiance and his family so I have alot of packing to do. Did I also mention that I'm moving to Belgium after our wedding?! I'm still freaking out about that.

Anyway ignore my mini panic attack and lets talk about cake. My aunt called me and asked me to make a shark cake for my cousins birthday. Since my blog is semi new, and only has a few pictures, I also wanted to show you the cake I made last year for her birthday.

She loves to travel, and has been all over the world. So I made her a suitcase cake with a cute little purse.

Now onto Christian's cake.

The shark is made out of rice krispie treats mixed with modeling chocolate. Its chocolate cake with dulce de leche and strawberry filling. I covered the cake board with brown sugar and white granulated sugar to look like sand.

It was delicious and he loved the cake. :)

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  1. i came from the cricut message board and i am wowed by your creations! i totally admire the skills and talent you have and am now a follower hoping that you post some of your wedding items for me to be amazed by! best wishes on your wedding and the big move, how exciting!